About Us is the world’s first African platform for resourcing and crowdfunding platform for African nonprofits organization. is like a trust. As a 501c3 nonprofit, The’s Advisory Board selects campaigns to feature each funding cycle and funds from monthly donors are dispersed accordingly. While you can give to an individual campaign or make a one-time donation to, we strongly encourage you to be a monthly member.

By joining, you contribute $10 or more every month to help fund the rotation of campaign on our platform. This is through education, ending food deserts, ending mass incarceration or addressing its consequences, providing scholarships or skilled training, and many other subversive and hopeful campaigns from policy making to resource creation.

We’ve learned that the key to successful digital fundraising is telling inspiring stories to the right people at the right times using the right communication channels.

Using our proven platform, training and support we’ll help you tell these stories in the right ways to maximize donor participation and retention.