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A Platform That Connects Everything

  • Inspire your donors where it counts. Our platform lets you easily manage digital fundraising including Crowdfunding and Day of Giving campaigns across your entire organization and across all of your communication channels including email marketing, social marketing, phone banking, and direct response. Tie everything together with one seamless platform.

  • A   Platform    That    Connects    Everything

Non Profits Organization

  • We Help Nonprofits Around The World To Apply And Join Salisa.OrgTo Access More Funding, To Build New Skills, And To Make Important Connections With Our Donors.

    We Help Them To Share Details About Their Work With Potential Donors, Demonstrating How Their Donation Will Make A Difference

    We Also Offer Training And Support From The Salisa.Org’sTeam To Raise Your First Campaign On Our Platform

  • Non Profits Organization


  • Many nonprofit and for-profit companies can help you with domestic giving programs. But what if you need a program that allows you to give to nonprofits that mirror your global footprint? Salisa.orgcan work with you to ensure that you have a technology-enabled way to support vetted organizations, to make grants, and to keep track of the impact you’re funding in more then 160 countries in Africa.

    When your company’s reputation and money are on the line, you need to have confidence that the nonprofits you’re supporting align with your values and standards, and that the funds you’re providing are being disbursed quickly to their intended destination. We are here to help to make that happen.


People Like Me And You.

  • People like you give what you can to your favorite projects; you feel great when you get updates about how your money is put to work by trusted organizations.